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St. Matthews Living Estate of Deacon Stephan Phelps

St. Matthews Living Estate of Deacon Stephan Phelps

***Please note that these items are from a smokers home*** We are pleased to bring you the story of Stephan Phelps. This lifelong Louisville native has seen it all. Raised by a Prima Ballerina of the Louisville Ballet, he started his career in politics. He then found his passion as an entrepreneur who started his own business in the trade show industry. He and his wife enjoyed their married life at 1001 Alta Vista Rd in the Highlands. The home is one of the most historic homes in Louisville over the years hosting guests like Harry Truman, Eleanor Rosevelt, LBJ and many more prominent dignitaries. During their years in the home they hosted numerous large gatherings for political leaders, charity fundraisers, and any number of other civic organizations. Their philosophy was this: “This historic home is not a museum. It should be shared with as many people as possible.” They downsized to the St. Matthews area about 10 years ago and now that his wife has passed, Stephan has decided to find a home easier to take care of for a single man. He is now an ordained Deacon at Cathedral of the Assumption and having retired from his trade show company, entered Canon Law school earning a degree in Canon Law and a Masters in Theology. He is currently serving as a Canon lawyer and Judge in the Archdiocese of Louisville’s Metropolitan Tribunal. We are excited to bring you this Memorial Day collection. The home is at 904 Fountain Ave 40222 in St. Matthews. Enjoy!

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